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For 11-18 years old Youth

JANUARY. 26, 27 & 28th, 2023

TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

Everything you imagine
is here at TechStans.

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the Quadrible

TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

1. See Everything You Need

See every industry & technology in its future landscape, discover & learn everything from industry experts.

2. Engage & Speak with Experts

Engage in classes, workshops and conversation; sit and discuss with future career consultants.

3. Experiment Live, Socialize & Play

Get upclose with interactive tech showcases, games and shows with actual use cases and mechanism.

4. Create Your Own Future Roadmap

Envision and decide on future career; gain all necessary access, apply to scholarships, apprenticeships, incubations and courses.

Choose your Future Path

3D Printing 5G AI & Machine Learning AR, VR, XR & Immersive Learning Blockchain Cloud Computing Crypto Currency  Cyber Security Data Science Web Development Edge Computing Gaming Genomics Industry 4.0 IoT Metaverse Nano Technology NFT Robotics Web 3.0 Renewable Energy Recycling Upcycling Waste Management Social Development Human Development Circular Economy AdTech AgriTech AutoTech BioTech CleanTech EdTech FashionTech FemTech FinTech FoodTech HealthTech InsurTech LegalTech MarTech PharmaTech PropTech RetailTech SalesTech SpaceTech SportsTech TradeTech TravelTech Advertising Banking Beauty & Cosmetics Construction Defence E-Commerce Energy Entertainment Events & Exhibitions Film Production FMCG Forensic Science Hospitality Human Rights Investment Logistics & Supply Chain Management Consultancy Manufacturing Marketing PR Media Medical Music Production Printing & Packaging Real Estate Research SaaS Statistics Telecom Transportation Various Art Wellness & many more.

Draw your

TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

Create your Future
in 4 steps!

After meetings, presentations, workshops, showcases, experimentation and counseling; you'll be able at least to shortlist your major/s. This is an exceptional opportunity to do so.

From our Major leaflet, online details, links, reference companies, reference experts, counselor advise, and available courses and apprenticeship providers; you'll be able to prepare yourself prior to enrolling at Uni. Where esle can we find all that?

From a great range of universities available at TechStans event, you'll be able to find most of what you're looking for; and if not, we got you covered by a full list of majors and potential universities inside and outside Lebanon so you know your way forward. Thanks to our Team that played a big role in putting this together.

With the help of template roadmap, you'll be able to fill your form virtually or on a printed leaflet and surely get the help of the career counselors to do so. No you're set! Let us know how else we can help you via the contact form on the website.

Message from the Heart !

You know that you are the future of this country

While you plan for your own future, you are saving tomorrow's economy

While meeting and befriending people from all over Lebanon, you are strengthening the bonds between various cultures

With your support, we can make Lebanon reach heights that noone else can reach

Don't stay home while you can join us on site and make a difference for you and every other Lebanese

We want to light a huge candle that will glow the minds of all Lebanese youth and show them the way to be Happy, Successful and Global.

80 volunteers
are making a big

TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career
TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

We are all over Lebanon.
A Gigantic Thank You
to all of you!

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