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TechStans - Beirut Edition - Website

From the Team:

If you are reading this, then you are surely someone or a firm that cares about the future of our children, humanity, planet and economy.

Since inception, InnovatorsGate has committed to the development of Education and Career Orientation; and TechStans comes as a promise delivered to be the go-to event for children aged 11-18 yo, where they learn everything they need about their provisioned future career

We can’t achieve this alone, your support and contribution will help achieve the internationality of TechStans and its worldwide presence. With our established network we are connecting with leading global organizations, governments, NGOs, businesses and experts; and soon, we’ll be announcing our first world tour for TechStans.

We believe in our shared efforts and the impact we are pursuing; let us join hands and help better shape the future skilled force and help create opportunities for those who need them most – children.

Collaboratively and Truly,
InnovatorsGate’s Team

Who can become a TechStans' partner?

The below is a list of relevant firms that can become partners for TechStans in their cities; but we’ll be happy to join hands with any firm that share the vision and values of TechStans.

Events Company

Career Related Company

University or College

Education Institute

EdTech Company

Government Organization

Non-Gov Organization

Relevant Business

Benefits beyond
just business!

TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

6 Major Benefits & More

As a partner for TechStans, you are leading your city to be part of a great impact on the future of youth; millions of youth around the world, future skilled force, future economies, high employment rates, tech-transformation and future well-being are clearly identifiable impact arenas at TechStans.

Besides to being an impact driven event, TechStans is considered a profitable project, with revenue streams generated by sponsorship, ticket sale, online services, merchandize and more can be developed. The event occurs annually and can form a great business of interested sponsors. But that's not just it, as TechStans plays a significant role in establishing partnership opportunities, alliances, client base and most importantly an influential network.

Being a TechStans' organizer in your city creates a network of influence from every known industry and expertise; this doesn't limit you to your city, but goes far beyond and across the globe. The larger TechStans network will potentially span into 4037 cities around the world creating one of the largest business networks known on planet earth.

Affiliating your brand with TechStans is an affiliation with progressiveness, social responsibility, collaboration, humanity, sustainability, equality, inclusion & diversity, technology and education. And along with TechStans, you are affiliating with global top tier conglomerates and organizations.

While you create impact, do business, networking and branding; it is a clear result that your growth is on the go. Delivering a project like TechStans is a window to your growth which we recommend that you study well and plan well for.

With the vast range of expertise, services, products and all types of resources available at TechStans; you are surely building a circle of great resources to empower your value chain and enable you to go far beyond your existing business capacities.

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