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an action plan."

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Hand-in-hand we
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around the globe.

A value-filled
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TechStans - Beirut Edition - Future Career

Our 8 routes for Impact:

  • Identify future career opportunities
  • Map the global job market demand
  • Help youth select & move forward in their career
  • Offer trainings, apprenticeships and internships
  • Offer career guidance from career experts

  • Spread technoloy, innovation, science & values
  • Sustainability in behavior, practices and culture
  • Tech for good as a haven for tech transfomation

  • Create competition between schools & universities
  • Encourage scholars to develop their skills
  • Trigger curriculum upgrade initiatives
  • Future proof our scholar system
  • Assist youth with scholarships & exchange programs

  • Catalyse innovation & tech transformation initiatives
  • Catalyse career building initiatives
  • Early age apprenticeship & internship practices
  • Action ties between private, public & educational firms
  • Promote purposeful collaboration in private sector
  • Connect youth & industry/tech experts

  • Break barriers between parents & children
  • Break social & sectorial barriers
  • Activate equality, inclusion & diversity culture
  • Build new friendships between youth
  • Build new friendships between parents
  • Help recover from the pandemic anti-social life
  • Help dropouts, underpriviledged and under-served youth

  • Capture tangible data from youth online & offline
  • Derive insights and indicators for policies & plans
  • Create a statistical framework to develop YOY

  • Prepare a future work force that nurtures the local economy
  • Build capacities to empower both private & public sectors
  • Attract Edtech investors to invest in local initiatives
  • Encourage new business models that serve youth
  • Empower local event suppliers and venues
  • Create new jobs in courses, career consultancy, etc.

  • Connect public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Create partnerships between participants
  • Facilitate access to resources
  • Connect with other global TechStans editions

It is important and doable?

Nations need short term, mid term and long term solutions for their economy.
Historically we’ve relied on enterpreneurs & skilled force to form our sme body & support the economy.
Students are frustrated in an on/off scholar life, with lots of future uncertainties.
Technology is forming the future global economy, and we have to stay current.
Tech adoption requires availability, affordability, awareness, accessibility & ability.
The international tech & startup bodies are ready to offer support.
International organizations are actively taking part in the tech adoption process.
InnovatorsGate has acquired a global enablement network that is ready to help in the movement.

Humanity, quality, healthy, safety & data privacy


Education Advisor .1
Education Advisor .2
Career Advisor .1
Career Advisor .2
Career Advisor .3
Linguistics Advisor
Business Advisor
Industries Advisor
Technology Advisor .1
Technology Advisor .2
Technology Advisor .3
Childhood Advisor .1
Childhood Advisor .2
Special Needs Advisor
Sustainability Advisor
Equality Advisor
Inclusion & Diversity Advisor
Culture Advisor
Psychiatrist | Psychotherapist
Entrepeneurship Advisor
Logistics & Supply Chain Advisor
Legal Advisor
GDPR Advisor
International Affairs Advisor
Non-profit Advisor


TechStans has its own event management manual that will be followed in every edition around the globe. The manual will include aesthetics, brand, materials, dimensions, health, safety, energy, hygiene, pest control, security, registration, admission, entrance, etc.

An international event management company will be appointed to monitor the planning and execution for all editions of TechStans.

A preventive and corrective measures’ manual will be accompanying every city’s appointed event management company and its team.


Following ACE Regulations by WHO and other Childhood Organizations, TechStans will treat each of the below ACEs delicately:

Domestic Violence
Sexual Abuse
Drinking Problem
Drug Use
Mental Illness
Physical Abuse
Emotional Abuse

Health & Safety measures will be strictly preserved throughout planning and execution of each event provided with a guidebook. Special Needs Community has all necessary measures taken to facilitate their access and engagement at the Event.


All data processed, captured, collected or running in feed of the event online and offline system will follow the GDPR policies.

Our GDPR advisor alongside our Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, AI, Computer Vision, Sentiment Analysis and Interactive Data Team will ensure compliance and ethics in the way data is used.

Our Cyber Security practices and measures taken will follow suit of high level and zero trust measures.

Integrating SDG at TechStans!

The future revolves around the sustainable development goals.
Together, we tick directly or indirectly 10 SDGs.

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