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"Being humans, we
can not be perpetual,
but our acts can be."

Omar Youssef

TechStans - Youth Future Career

Purposeful, Genuine,
Passionate & Persistent!
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by Engajers Inc. USA

Concept Developer

The Global Ecosystem for Innovation & Future Transformation, connecting the Pentatonic:
1. Businesses & Governments
2. Investors
3. Industry & Tech Experts
4. Startups & Innovators
5. Resources

InnovatorsGate by Engajers Inc. founded in April 2021 in Lewes, Delaware, USA is a Global Innovation and Future Transformation Ecosystem that helps stir, advise, facilitate, develop, validate, promote and spread innovation around the world.

With a global advisory circle of 12 thought leaders in several business and technology spaces, InnovatorsGate has managed to form a global network of future transformation experts, those who’ve made footprints in the industries and are now part of the ecosystem to do more collaboration and knowledge sharing across the universe.
Organizers of BITS Global Conference

Mission235 s.a.r.l.

Organizer & Marketer

Established in 2015, Mission235 s.a.r.l. is a full-fledged marketing communications, creative and retail consulting agency with major stakes of work in the MENA region.

The agency’s work is featured with major brands encompassing large enterprises, all-scale shopping centers and a vast range of industries served till date.

Mission235’s role to organize and promote TechStans is a realization of its endeavors to supporting youth and their future.

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